Udo Carsten Deppisch: Entrepreneur, father and self made millionaire!

Successful entrepreneur, father of a family and self-made millionaire, Udo Carsten Deppish has made it all the way to the top

Successful entrepreneur, father of a family and self-made millionaire, Udo Carsten Deppish has made it all the way to the top, and is not even thinking about slowing down! Starting in the Network Marketing industry over 20 years ago, Udo, at that time a plumber got interested in this fair and social business model:

Udo “I immediately realized the potential of this industry. What I liked about it is that it is straightforward and fair, which is exactly how I am myself. Network Marketing is the fairest system in the world, it doesn’t matter when a person decided to join, it all depends on the amount of effort that person put into his business. Working hard pays off! Not doing so will make you end up with little to none”

Being a plumber in the little town of Oberpflaz, Germany, it all started when he felt it was time for a change. Having always been part of others people’s business, listening to their successes and achievements. Living the normal and straightforward life like many of his friends did.

Udo “If I would not have followed my gut feeling, I would now still have been a plumber. My friends told me I was crazy, dreaming big. I knew I could prove them wrong. Starting in the Network Marketing industry gave me the opportunity to travel around the world. It was then when I started to develop my true passion for Network Marketing and sales”

Udo has written multiple books on both sales and economy, sharing his extensive knowledge with the rest of the world:

Udo Middle
Udo “I felt it was my duty to share my experiences with people that were in the exact same situation as me, stuck in a job and economy they didn’t want to be in. I still receive numerous of emails and letters today of people that thank me for changing their life. What gives me true joy is that I can inspire people to become successful. I love the fact my team and good friends are the ones that strive up and become the people they really want to be. I am always there to support them. It’s like a big family that is expanding all the time – The One Dream team is the greatest team in the industry today, and I wouldn’t say that if it was not. Look at all the giants we have! It’s like a football team with the best players the world has ever seen, it’s phenomenal to be part of this!’

The growth of Udo’s network went fast, especially when he decided to expand into Eastern Europe. After the collapse of Eastern Europe Udo felt he could help people build up their own lives, giving them the chance to follow their dreams and become successful. He became the first to open different Network Marketing companies in this region, giving people the financial freedom they always dreamed of. His growth in OneCoin has been exponential, having Diamond in reach Udo’s worldwide business keeps growing and growing!

Udo “In the end of the day, I am someone who reached financial freedom by believing in myself and my team, to everyday wake up and work harder.. To not give up and always strive for new goals. I am proud that I have helped so many people do the same. I travel the world, have been to so many places I can call home, I’m truly happy with my life. Something everybody on this planet deserves to be”

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