Juha Parhiala hitting a worldwide record of 1.4 Million a month!

Juha ‘I am very much honored to be at this position. It has been an incredible journey'

Just two months after various sources reported Juha Parhiala’s income had reached the incredible amount of 1.000.000 US dollars a month, Juha amazes the world again by breaking all records, coming into December with his monthly income being an astonishing 1.400.000 US dollars! Juha joined as a distributor in September 2014 and has been traveling around the world expanding his team at a record pace.

Juha ‘I’m the living proof that hard works really pays off! For the last year I have been working extremely hard together with my team. Traveling all over the world from Asia, Europe, America and the Middle-East. It has been incredibly rewarding and fun for me!

By reaching this income Juha has secured his place as the number one top income earner in the world, surpassing the long time number one ‘Dexter and Birdie Yager’ from Amway.

Juha Income Middle

Juha ‘I am very much honored to be at this position. It has been an incredible journey, and I am not planning on stopping anytime soon! If you think 2015 was incredible, wait for 2016!

Juha and OneCoin will gear up to the coming year, implementing a great array of new features to the fastest growing company the market has ever seen.

Juha ‘We have much bigger plans with OneCoin than anyone can expect. I can’t speak about it right now, but I can assure everybody that it will be the most historical company the world has ever seen

The whole industry has their eyes on Juha and OneCoin, breaking record after record in an incredible speed.

Make sure to stay tuned as this journey is to exciting to miss out on!

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