Ralf Paulick: Happiness, health and wealth!

Ralf has a strong and persistent vision on how he wants to live his life. Not being focused on only money, Ralf’s key-factors are being healthy and happy.

Ralf Paulick has been in the Network Marketing industry for over 12 years. Combining his experience in the finance sector as well as being a business owner with the power of Network Marketing, Ralf has become extremely successful in the business.

Ralf “I have ran my own company for almost 12 years, building it from scratch to a reputable company dealing in timber and building materials. After getting in contact with Network Marketing I started to develop a passion for personal development“

Ralf’s devotion and passion is strongly linked to his youth. Being a passionate cyclist he developed a strong sense of determination.

Ralf Middle

Ralf “I approach my life like cycling. You’re on a road, and you have to go forward. You see the finish line in the distance, and you only have one goal in mind: I will reach that finish line! Visualizing this has helped me get out of difficult situations. With this attitude, you will always succeed. Honesty, courage and willingness to learn are the key-factors of transforming a problem into a success“

Ralf has a strong and persistent vision on how he wants to live his life. Not being focused on only money, Ralf’s key-factors are being healthy and happy.

Ralf “Being healthy and happy are always my first priority. I have reached financial freedom, but without having spiritual freedom all of that is not worth much. I believe that all people strive to be happy, healthy and financially free. With these 3 factors in your life, the world is your oyster!“

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Ralf’s love for Network Marketing has never stopped growing. One of his inspirations: multi-millionaire Robert Kiyosaki exactly summarized his vision:

“Rich people are building networks, the rest is looking for work.”

Besides his love for Network Marketing Ralf also developed another kind of love. He met his life partner ‘Sabine‘ through One Coin.

Ralf “Meeting Sabine is the greatest gift life has ever given to me. She, as me is devoted to One Coin and we both work very hard to keep hitting our new goals, and reach new achievements.“

Both Ralf and Sabine’s opinion on One Coin is strong and outspoken.

Ralf “When you look around you, you see everything is changing in rapid speed. The world looks so much different now, than for example 20 years ago. Still, we use a banking system that is outdated and fragile. We should embrace the future by seeing it. Cryptocurrency is the future, and we are in the frontline of being the first real users of this new currency. It doesn’t take me much effort to get people excited about OneCoin. It has changed so many lives already! I just need to show them that.”

Together with Ralf, Sabine and hundreds of thousands of others, you can become part of the Cryptocurrency revolution. The One Dream Team is always ready to show you how. Don’t wait, join us now!


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