Juha Parhiala breaks Ultimate Record.

We can now after only a short period of time report that Juha has reached the incredible monthly income of 4.000.000 US dollars per month.

Juha Parhiala has become a living legend in the Network Marketing industry in the past year. We reported his incredible 1.400.000 US Dollars monthly income in the end of 2015. We can now after only a short period of time report that Juha has reached the incredible monthly income of 4.000.000 US dollars per month. An astonishing amount, which most likely will take a long time to surpass by any other leader in the industry regardless of company!

Aron, Stephan, Christian and Staffan “We want to congratulate Juha on behalf of the whole One Dream Team. What you have done can’t be described with words. Thanks for your support and your continuous involvement in OneCoin and the One Dream Team!”

Juha 4 mil middle

Juha joined OneCoin as a distributor in September 2014 and has been holding the number one income earner position for Months.

Juha “I will keep saying the same thing. I’m someone that have shown that with hard work and devotion you can become anything you like. I’m always humble and hungry for more. 4.000.000 dollars is a lot of money, but let’s double that income! Let’s grow our incomes all together and make One Coin the biggest success in history. We are on the top, let’s stay there!”

Juha, Sebastian and Dr. Ruja invited Diamonds of the One Dream Team to join them for a CEO summit in Hong Kong. They had intense talks about the direction and future of the company, involving the Diamonds asking them for their feedback from the network.
CEO summit
Aron “The CEO summit was very inspiring. We are all part of something historic. 2016 will be an amazing year for all of us. The things we have spoken about during the summit are incredible, and we can’t wait to share them with you in the coming year!”

History has been written by Juha Parhiala and OneCoin. Keep following the One Dream Team en become part of something that is rapidly becoming larger than life!

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