New top leaders join the One Dream Team

Having made millions online already, we know that we can take OneCoin by storm over the coming months and years…

Nope! That’s not a mystery guest, or someone we can’t show you. It’s a simple example of showing you the power of sponsoring the right people. The person in the middle could have been you! He sponsored a few motivated and experiences people into his team. Now, because of the power of the OneCoin Reward plan, this person is bound to make millions of euro’s because of his actions. A clear example showing that having the right people in your team will bring you to the top as a sponsor and as a team. With the right information, motivation AND TAKING ACTION this person was able to bring in the right people, at the right time!

The Four Brothers motto has always been the same ‘Things happen for a reason’ and yet again, this motto is proven. We would like to show the following message that also appeared on the well acclaimed

“Hello everyone, This opportunity literally is meant to be.

Completely by chance we met Aron Steinkeller in London, UK in March this year and didn’t even know they were in London to do a team meeting with their Mexico leaders..

After being introduced to Aron we realized they are onto something big with OneCoin, and a few meetings later with their Legal team and Staffan Liback we decided to lock arms with the One Dream Team to bring One coin to the UK in a big way with ongoing seminars and webinars.

We accept with great excitement and enthusiasm this new challenge to build an even greater network together with OneCoin, a company present in more than 200 countries and currently enjoying a resounding global success.

We’ve never seen anything like this opportunity before and with the success others are already having we look forward to getting started with OneCoin. As a partnership we are all successful in many ways, bringing different core strengths and skills to the team.

Having made millions online already, we know that we can take OneCoin by storm over the coming months and years… We would also like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all our partners and friends and leaders with whom we have lived unforgettable and magical moments. Looking forward to serving you again soon.

Lets aim even higher and reach it together with the One Dream Team and OneCoin! We are wishing you success!”

Jon CarterBrian MichaelChris Cobb

UK GuysWe are extremely proud of what these 3 magnificent men have been doing until now.
The One Dream Team has yet again added another set of giants to the best performing team in One Coin.

Staffan “I am extremely happy with the results so far. I have been helping them from the beginning and I’m proud to see how fast they grow. It’s an honor to have them on board, and I am a 100% sure that these 3 gentlemen will rock!” 

Keep on eye on One Dream Team because we’ll be definitely report more frequently on these giants!


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