The Beauty of Network Marketing

Think about it for a while. What business venture can you get started with as little as a 100 Euros or even less?

One Dream Team Founder Staffan Liback reflects over his career, tackling the most common beliefs and stigma’s about one of the largest industries in the world: Network Marketing. 

Sitting and reflecting on the past 16 years since running into network marketing some important things comes to mind:

As a networking professional we many times seems to forget that not all people that we run into have yet been discovering the beauty of or amazing business that we are involved in.

Putting aside different opinions of what potential company is the right one or what marketing plan is the best, I think that all people that has been involved for a while and bothered to learn the “craft” and figured out what it is all about can agree on at least one thing; network marketing is for sure the absolutely best solution for MOST people around the globe.

Because who would not like to have the freedom to work with whoever they like, wherever they choose and still be able to make their living from it or even become wealthy by doing so?!

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Today in the fast developing world with internet being so available in most places around our beautiful planet it has even become more easy than ever to succeed, IF you are willing to take the commitment to put in the time and effort to become successful.

What is even more crazy is that you can get started with very little capital or even without capital. Think about it for a while. What business venture can you get started with as little as a 100 Euros or even less?

YES it takes commitment and hard work and YES it will not always be fun, but on the other hand name an industry or craft that would not take your full engagement to become good at it. The answer is simple, ALL crafts takes time to master but with network marketing you can actually start earning substantial amounts of money while you grow to become better, and day by day build your own way to financial freedom.

Sceptic people that say network marketing does not work. But the simple truth is that very seldom have these individuals even taken a serious look at our industry but rather choose to rant down on it for either personal reasons, such as never trying it out or believing it would be a “free lunch”, or simply because they do not have the courage to step out of their “comfort zone” and try another way than the “normal” nine to five “rat race”.

Others say that money is not everything. I think we all agree that this is very much true. But at the same time money is either we like it or not a very important amplifier for all of us. In my mind money is not the problem but people is. Our job as networkers is to help people to grow as persons and thereby being able to use their “amplifiers” in the RIGHT way. In the said way we can slowly but surely build an even better world step by step.

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When I was in my teen ages my parents use to tell me a thing that I am sure that is very familiar for you too; Get a good education and a secure job. Become a lawyer, doctor, teacher, engineer or similar. Does it sound familiar?

I don’t blame my parents, this is just how the world use to be. We have to remember that our parents grew up in TOTALLY different circumstances. The world is simply not the same anymore.

There are NO secure jobs anymore. Lets face it, we can also no longer rely on our governments taking care of us as we grow old. The old way of retirement and still getting paid is going down the drain so fast that we can hardly blink before this so called security will be a sole memory.

The simple FACT today is that we will have to make sure by ourselves that we and our families are fine for the long haul. What happens if you get sick or get fired tomorrow? Do you already have a PLAN B?

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Most people will not, and SHOULD NOT, get into network marketing full time from the start. This is something that we should not be afraid to admit. The opposite we should be very clear with the said fact and point it out right from the start to our prospects.

The reason is simple; it takes YEARS to build up a steady networking income. The positive thing is that network marketing is one of the few things that you successfully can build up ON THE SIDE of your existing job, and still be able to with a few hours a day build a solid revenue stream, that over just a few years will surpass your income from your main income source today.

Lay out the option for people to plug into network marketing as their PLAN B and help them commit to the task to do the said. Be a real SPONSOR, take your time and reSPONSORbility to help people to get the right facts, right opportunity from day one.

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Let us become the heroes of 2016, and beyond, and help our friends and loved once get the upper hand on our fast developing world.

How many peoples lives will YOU personally change this year? Put a goal, commit and get started TODAY!

See you all at the top,


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