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Last week the OneLife team shared a sneak peak of an exclusive interview with the new CEO of the OneLife Network – Mr. Pablo Munoz. This week we present...

Last week the OneLife team shared a sneak peak of an exclusive interview with the new CEO of the OneLife Network – Mr. Pablo Munoz. This week we present the whole video of his first announcements on his new position.
Of course in the spirit of the OneLife Network, we decided to add a little bit extra and ask our own questions. Check out this blitz interview with Mr. Munoz and get to know more about his personal views.

OLCT (OneLife Corporate Team): So, we already know about your professional accomplishments and impressive track record, but we are sure that the whole Network is asking for some more insight into your character. Tell us, who is Pablo Munoz?

PM (Pablo Munoz): Well…(laughs) In addition to what you have seen I may add only that I am a passionate leader, I believe in hard work and that it pays off. Honestly speaking I like to see people achieving their goals and reaching the life they dreamt about. I believe in people and that with the right motivation we can rise to any challenge that life throws at us.

If I have to approach this question from broader perspective, I should say that ultimately I am a global citizen.

OLCT: Please tell to our readers a little bit more about your story and decision making that led to this day.

PM: Oh, I didn’t have to overthink it for sure! I was introduced to Dr. Ruja and she spent some time talking to me about her ideas, the cause and purpose of the network and then about the existing opportunity to become part of this exciting and groundbreaking company that she founded just over three years ago.

So, after talking to her, I realized that not only was she a visionary with great charisma, but an amazing and self-driven leader, who had managed to do what no one else had thought of doing until then – and that is fusing the power of a revolutionary concept like cryptocurrency with a direct sales network, dedicated to education and global social empowerment. This is the equivalent of fusion energy for this industry. You can see it was a very simple decision and I could not pass up this tremendous opportunity to become part of the fastest growing network in the world!

OLCT: As a newly appointed CEO, with professional experience in the industry dating for more than 20 years – what were the strongest points of the Network that you noticed first?

PM: I must tell you – it was not just one thing, but to be concise I’ll summarize them in a few points:

First of all was the cause, vision and incredible leadership of Dr. Ruja Ignatova.
I think that the commitment that members express from what I’ve seen so far is incredible and definitely inspiring.
The global perspective of community with over 2.5 million members and the scale of the transactions capacity.
I can’t just not mention the great and various leadership that I have seen so far, and it’s present in almost every active market.
And last but not least, I would put the powerful opportunity presented here – this is an opportunity to completely redefine one’s life and I believe it is one of the best wealth creation opportunities available nowadays.

“I think that the commitment that members express from what I’ve seen so far is incredible and definitely inspiring.”

OLCT: We can see that you are quite passionate about the Network. In that matter what would the next steps be? What is your vision about the OneLife Network?

PM: (laughs) It is a bit early to lay out a definite vision for the Network from the first days in this new position. Ultimately the vision is to continue Dr. Ruja’s legacy strongly, grow this network and become the largest network in the world and of course to develop the #1 reserve mass cryptocurrency. In my vision we are also dedicated to expanding rapidly into key markets where we do not have such а strong presence yet and continue growing in the key Asian and Latin American markets. We also share the vision that one day in the very near future the OLN will be the most highly recognized network and OneCoin will be the most highly recognized cryptocurrency in the world.

OLCT: We must say that as part of the corporate team we are probably equally if not more excited than the Network to see what positive changes a person with your background in Network marketing will bring to the table. For a final wrap-up – can we ask you to give us your message to all current and future OneLife members?

PM: Of course you can! I will be really short – I encourage all current IMAs to take advantage of the OLN opportunity and achieve Diamond level as fast as they can, as no other network system is as positive as ours. I would also like to encourage all current members to share this opportunity with as many people as we can and continue to grow the power of our community and brand. To new potential members I would say – come in and join OLN to experience the power of the best and most diverse wealth creating opportunity. It is no coincidence that our motto is Together for More. I can assure you – it will only get better, be part of it, you are always welcome to the family, because here we achieve our goals together!

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