As we all know, the OneWorld Foundation works restlessly to create positive impact all around the world. Sometimes, however, while we focus on the big picture we miss out on the...

As we all know, the OneWorld Foundation works restlessly to create positive impact all around the world. Sometimes, however, while we focus on the big picture we miss out on the small acts of kindness that bear the potential to influence us and our local environment immediately. Creating and promoting good habits and active citizenship is of essential importance for the OneLife team. That is why last weekend was very special for the OneLife Network and the OneWorld Foundation employees. We started out an initiative that turned out to be very rewarding and wanted to share our excitement with our entire OneFamily. It is no coincidence that the OneLife slogan is “Together for More”. Our entire company is dedicated on provoking action, driving change, learning and growing together in every area of life. We hope that the following will light the spark in many of you, who read this post, and will inspire you to go that extra mile and act in your local communities – a road of thousand miles starts with a single step.


The last weekend nearly a dozen volunteers from the OneLife Network and OWF visited 2 animal shelters in Bulgaria (in the capital Sofia and the city of Veliko Tarnovo), where we spent hours playing with the rescued animals. You would have expected that most of the dogs would not be very friendly and would have kept their distance, as they have suffered horrible atrocities, such as beating, food deprivation, negligence, participating in dog fights and had to endure broken bones and diseases, which for most people would be unthinkable.

Contrary to our expectations the dogs responded with love and acceptance toward the entire team. We brought our families, there were children running around and every dog treated the little ones with unseen care and tenderness. One of the greatest rewards was the appreciation – it was incredible to experience such a pure connection and it was definitely worthwhile to spend our weekend playing outside in the open.


The OneFriend initiative aims to draw attention toward the issues associated with stray animals and raise awareness about the alternative solutions that exist out there to protect and prevent animal cruelty. All lives matter and we would urge all OneLife members to promote global citizenship and individual responsibility in their local communities. As all OneLifers know it is very important to lead by example and promote good and constructive habits for our hosting communities. No living being deserves to be left without a home, let alone be tortured or starved. As the OneLife Network CEO Pablo Munoz said – we aim to change more than one live at a time. We strongly support the notion that all lives are equal, including those of animals, and will continue to working closely with the OneWorld Foundation to protect them.

In the spirit of the Network we would like to show how together we will always achieve more. So think outside the box and beside financial help with donations, try to contribute to YOUR community. To all OneLife goodwillers – the OneLife team challenges you to go and put some of your time and efforts to a cause that is dear to your heart. If you are feeling inspired enough – you can take pictures and send them to us at team@onelife.eu, or DONATE for the OneFriend cause.

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