Outstanding leader. Mario Vielmas

Today, in our section “Outstanding leader” we are going to talk about a leader who has helped Latin America to wake up. He has worked for almost a year...

Today, in our section “Outstanding leader” we are going to talk about a leader who has helped Latin America to wake up.

He has worked for almost a year in our team, but it seems like a lifetime given all the ground covered. Such remarkable achievements in such a short space of time are the results of a talent that is worth to be recognized.

Mario Vielmas – A leader of values.

Mario’s commitment to OneDreamTeam and the OneLife project is something we admire and appreciate, as his experience is helping us to create solid, capable and professional leadership teams…

In addition to being an excellent leader for our team, he is also a great coach and speaker dedicated to bringing out the best in people and organizations so as to promote them and give them more value. Using positivity as the most powerful tool, he has made a great positive impact on thousands of families throughout Latin America over the years.

And now, as a member of our team, he has brought that personal touch of his, a kind and positive one, together with deep values ​​based on respect for all people, honesty and responsibility. A touch of immeasurable value and always optimistic leadership.

The great advantages of Mario Vielmas are his clear understanding of the people’s needs, his professional training and his 13 years’ experience in the world of marketing. As the result, his leadership skills have contributed a lot to making our team in Latin America one of the strongest.

OneDreamTeam keeps growing in numbers of people, in individual and personal experience, in the training and development of each and every one of its members thanks to leaders like Mario Vielmas.

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