Interview with Maurizio Smedile & Ana Flavia Bittencourt

This time, our section of the outstanding leader of the week is dedicated not to one, but to two leaders, two international Diamonds that make up a great team...

This time, our section of the outstanding leader of the week is dedicated not to one, but to two leaders, two international Diamonds that make up a great team in life and in business. Today, they’ll tell us a little more about their experience in Network Marketing and their philosophy of success.

How did you start in Network Marketing?
Three years ago, a friend of ours invited us to attend a meeting of a network marketing company, and that was where we started. The first two years were difficult because we didn’t know this industry, the third year was the year of our international success.

How did your life change when you made that decision?
It was like a revolution. We went from being 7/10€ employees working for the dreams of another person to be entrepreneurs for ourselves, finally free to decide on our time. Today, we decide when and where we want to work, we choose the people to be our colleagues, the people who we share a dream with. That is to say, we were out of the traditional working system that makes you a modern era slave.

How do you achieve success?
During the first months or years doing this activity as a real job and not as a hobby, you immediately realize that it requires so much energy that you have to prepare yourself properly. Perhaps, by reading some books on the subject, meeting people who already have important results. You may not see results in the short term. Success is achieved at the point where 95% of people give up, and it’s there where the duplication magic happens and everything explodes suddenly without even giving you time to realize what is happening. Today, we have more than 13.000 members from 6 continents.

Had you dreamed about such life when you were little?
Maurizio and I have many dreams in common, and that’s why today we are successful. Our dreams are greater than the obstacles we find along our true path. From an early age, we wanted to be leaders in everything we did and to enjoy an exceptional lifestyle not accessible for everybody. Today, our reality is exceeding our dreams.

Is Network Marketing your main professional passion right now or do you plan to undertake any side projects?
At the beginning of our journey in this industry, we were respectively employed in two companies, combining these jobs with working in an American network marketing company. Nowadays, after only three years in this industry, we can say that we are 100% free and happy to dedicate ourselves only to network activity, which in turn allows us to travel to extraordinary places and meet successful people.

Did you immediately understand how successful the OneLife project was or did it take you time? Do you get on well with technology?
We didn’t come to OneLife immediately, despite the calls we received from some globally known Diamonds, because we didn’t know anything about cryptocurrencies and the corresponding technology. We had been observing things for almost a year before we decided to take part in this revolutionary project and develop it in more countries. But when we made the decision to start, we immediately realized that we could get very, very high, together with all the people of our organization and in a very short time.

And what is your vision for the future? What challenges are you planning to mount in the short and long term?
The vision we have of OneLife and the entire OneCoin ecosystem is so great and so clear that we find it hard to hide our emotions when we present this revolutionary opportunity to people. We sometimes may even seem a bit fanatical. Our short-term goals are to strongly expand our company throughout Europe and then establish ourselves even on other continents, having financial education as one of the main objectives of OneAcademy, making all people able to put their money to work for them instead of them working for the money.

It’s a very intense job, especially when there are tours. How do you combine your professional and personal life?
We have just returned from a tour called “90 Days, 90 Cities”. We feel very fortunate, because we have never had problems developing OneLife. We often travel together to many countries with the purpose of helping as many people as we can in our organization and as fast as possible. Working fast is very important in this business. Today, OneLife is our family and our teammates are our friends, who we share business and life with.

What encourages you every day to take action?

Many of our dreams have already been fulfilled, we have some more of them to bring to life. Our desire to succeed in life and to stand out from the crowd, from the people who do nothing to change their situation and the society they live in.

Tell us a little about your team and how you work with them.
Our team is very cosmopolitan as our organization works in many different countries. We have several leaders who are with us from the beginning in this industry and also with many new ones. Each one of them has different potential and qualities, which all together makes our team complete and very professional. That’s thanks to our system and strategy which helps eliminate problems a new member may face when they take their first steps in network marketing.
(Training = Action = Having)

Do you ever need an extra push?
We all have difficult moments that appear on our way to success. It’s normal. Difficulties are inevitable, and some of them appear in very different ways. We are fortunate to be together in business and in private life. We help and motivate each other, as if we were each other’s coach.

A personal dream that you have been able to fulfil.
Today, thanks to OneLife, we live in a unique place with a mild climate and near the sea all year round. We can guarantee our family and our children a good life. We are finally free, we are the owners of our time and our lives. We don’t work for another person, and we can enjoy our passion every day.

What can you say to those who haven’t yet decided to join in or have doubts?
Success and freedom, everything we dream about sometimes requires a high price to pay. This price is paid in advance, but it’s really worth it. When you think about giving up, don’t quit, even if it hurts, because that’s only a moment, a bad day, and success is close.

They also leave us a sentence that sums up their experience and the lesson they teach us:

Work for three years as if it were always a Monday and live the rest of your life as if it were always a Sunday.


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