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If you are new in the industry or you are simply considering the option of joining it, we welcome you and want to tell you that it’s the best...
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If you are new in the industry or you are simply considering the option of joining it, we welcome you and want to tell you that it’s the best decision you could have made or could make.

Whatever the case, you should know that there is a period of adaptation and education in which you must focus more on learning and less on achieving short-term results.

For a good start, you have to understand some concepts.

Your fear of failure and rejection can slow you down more than the rejection itself.
You need to understand that all those people who are successful leaders today have at some point faced rejection. A lot of rejection. You may start by doing things wrong until you get them right, and your mentor doesn’t expect you to know how to do it overnight, so don’t demand more of yourself than any experienced person would demand of you.
Don’t take refusals and negative answers personally. In fact, a “No” can become a “Yes”, but for this, you will also need patience.

You cannot expect everyone to understand this business, so there can be some negative opinions or people trying to discourage you. Accept it, you must understand that what they really express is not that you aren’t able to do it, but that they wouldn’t be able themselves.

This is a social business. It’s based on human relationships, and therefore you must take care of the contacts you make and give priority to the needs of those people. It’s not about creating numbers quickly and badly, but about creating strong and lasting relationships. It also means that you should always be open to meeting new people.

Your team is the key to your success. Your network of leaders and distributors is what guarantees that your product, service or project will go public. So, creating a strong organization, with devoted members, good training and an efficient strategy is crucial for any business.

Change is necessary, learning is infinite. Business is developing, and you will have to be flexible, able to change things and constantly adapt to new needs, the market, new tools and new techniques. You will never stop learning new things and, in fact, you will never want to stop learning.

Be patient and don’t give up. It’s a journey full of new experiences, but this journey is long, and you will find many bumps and difficult roads. Go ahead, if you take this time to grow, to create a new self, to learn with patience, the rest of the way is going to be just wonderful.

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