OneCoin reaches 10 euros value.

On March 9, we experienced another big step for our community of miners and users: the value of each OneCoin rose to 9,85€. A surge of no less than...

On March 9, we experienced another big step for our community of miners and users: the value of each OneCoin rose to 9,85€. A surge of no less than two euros!

OneCoin, first steps.

OneCoin cruptocurrency was created in 2014 with a somewhat different vision behind it. It wasn’t intended to be one more of the already existing 600 cryptocurrencies. The purpose was, and still is, to create a long-term stable value for that currency and to make this system of payments available to the mass market.
All this cannot be done overnight, nor can we just hope for good luck and do nothing. Its creator, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, is an expert in finance, who had observed the creation and expansion of cryptocurrencies and decided that there was something missing in all of them. The world of cryptocurriencies remains highly speculative and not suitable for average users without technological skills or high financial literacy. It didn’t seem like a general means of payment in the short term.
When the first OneCoins began to be mined, they had little value, since this only depends on the number of holders and how much they actually use the coin for payments. However, by the end of 2015, the value went from 0,50€ to 3,95€.

Education first.

Part of the OneCoin’s strategy to become a solid currency is financial education. In fact, at the moment, you can only access the mining after acquiring one of financial education packages and getting a certificate. These packages range from the most basic and free of charge ones to higher levels that cover a wide range of educational topics and training sessions in household and professional finance, business, investment, trading and, of course, everything related to cryptocurrencies.

OneLife and the Network.

OneCoin chose an advertising system so as to increase its community of miners making use of an industry that has been giving great results for decades: Network Marketing. It was a risky step, but it certainly is showing its results. The OneLife network offers a number of products, including educational packages from the OneAcademy platform, MAB (a merchant-oriented mobile phone application building tool), OneTablet and OneCoinCloud, a cloud storage service with one of the most powerful security and privacy systems on the market.
And we can say for sure that the most recent of OneLife products and services has revolutionized the usability of the currency and will continue to contribute to its development. It is the first time that OneCoin experiences a value increase of two euros in a single surge, having had values rises of around 0,20€, 0,50€ and up to a maximum of 0,90€. This record in the value increase of each OneCoin coincides with the opening of the DealShaker e-commerce platform a few weeks ago.

DealShaker: the future of e-commerce.

The DealShaker trading platform is part of the OneLife ecosystem of services and the entire ONE family. It has been designed to increase the usability of the coin as a prelude to its opening to the public next year. Its mission is not only to enable purchases and payments in OneCoins, but to generate value for the currency (just what has just happened), to continue to expand the community of miners and users and to standardize electronic coins as a common method of payments.
Today, the DealShaker has more than 17 000 registered merchants, and they sell and buy thousands of products in all kinds of categories every day, with at least half of their price evaluated and paid in OneCoins.

We cannot know for sure what value OneCoins will have in one, two or three months, leave alone next year, when the currency is going public. But we can look at this information with realistic optimism, since we are already bordering the 10 euros value with just a few cents away. Perhaps the expectation of 25 euros by the end of 2017 will be happening much sooner.

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