Colombia will shine even brighter.

It’s been very few weeks since we enjoyed a weekend in Bogota with two events in a row, both huge, colossal and very important, not only because of each...

It’s been very few weeks since we enjoyed a weekend in Bogota with two events in a row, both huge, colossal and very important, not only because of each and every one of the OneDreamTeam leaders, who were there all together, but also because of all the new stories of success that started as a result of that weekend.

Now we are pleased and excited to announce that in just two months, we may have an even more epic experience in Colombia again, because on May 19, which is Friday, and on May 20, Saturday, we all have an appointment in Cali. And it’s a meeting no one wants to miss.

What we can say in advance is that at the Saturday event, we will see the leaders coming from all parts of the Latin American continent. It’s bound to become the biggest event in Latin America, not only so far this year, but up to the date! And we would like to highlight the presence of Christian Steinekeller, Jose Gordo, Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala.

The Friday event will also be very special, because as an introduction to the great event next day, we will enjoy the presence of a great speaker and leadership specialist, John Maxwell himself. This great business figure and skilled leader will visit Cali on May 19 at an event sponsored by OneLife.

Our OneDreamTeam in Latin America is large, talented and very powerful. We know that it grows in number, experience and enthusiasm, exponentially, even while you’re reading these words. And we know that during the last great event in Bogota, we couldn’t accommodate all the people who wanted to take part. Because we hadn’t realized how many people had been waiting for that event! So this time, we hope to be better prepared and to see everyone, in an even bigger event.

In addition, Colombia has great leaders with a strong idea about network marketing, who are making an important and positive change in many Colombian cities. And this is something we will celebrate in the way we should.

Throughout Latin America and the rest of the world, we are living in a very interesting time, with all the news from the company, the OneCoin value growing up to almost 10€ thanks to its great usability, OneAcademy providing more and more education and financial freedom. Adding one of the most satisfactory notes, which is the beginning of the end of malicious rumours, thanks to the investigation of the Swedish police proving to the world the existence and power of our blockchain. So, we keep growing, becoming stronger and more resilient. And it leaves its mark.

So we’ll be waiting for you on Saturday, May 20, in Cali, where we will all make the city shine even more, with the reflection of so many Diamonds present and those about to be created, from Colombia and all Latin America.

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