Never let fear decide for you.

“Fear makes a wolf look bigger than it is” – German Proverb. It’s something very human, but also very primitive, visceral and impulsive to get seized by fear when...

“Fear makes a wolf look bigger than it is” – German Proverb.

It’s something very human, but also very primitive, visceral and impulsive to get seized by fear when facing a situation that you are not familiar with or that can change what you had already created or what you had already got used to.

When I say it’s very human, I mean that it’s perfectly natural. But we still shouldn’t let it take over us. It’s just an impulse that comes from our most animal side as a survival instinct: we must always be alert in an unknown surrounding that we cannot control.

But it’s been a lot of time since we left behind living on trees and hunting. The new jungle is that of paper, numbers and screens, and there are new rules. So now, the old survival instincts don’t work out and don’t result but in self-sabotage, rash decisions and the lack of reflection.

The funny thing is that if no one had mastered their fear of change, we would have never accepted those changes, and we would have responded with paralysing fear… We would probably still live on trees or in caves, hunting with spears. As you see, change has its good things.

But fear remains a part of human beings, even today. And unfortunately, fear drives a great part of our behaviour: fear of getting fired, fear of our situation changing, fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear of facing a new situation without being prepared. Even the things that should excite us and bring us joy end up producing fear and holding us back. It stops us from moving forward. It casts shadows where there are none, and makes us exaggerate obstacles that aren’t but small stones easy to dodge, turning them into impassible walls. It makes the good news look like drastic changes that undermine the control we have over our lives, which we always consider more scarce and fragile than it really is.

However, we know from experience that where there is fear, there is also an opportunity to turn it into a fortress. We need to accept the fact that fear exists and that we can turn it into an advantage. Stop showing a primitive reaction and start deciding with your head. Stop being afraid of life and begin to love all the opportunities we can take advantage of so as to make our dreams come true. If there are changes, there is evolution. And if there are challenges, there are great possibilities for growth. Fear can simply be the indication that you have something important in front of you.

“Great things never come from comfort zones.”

Any company, a small or a big one, undergoes several changes throughout their existence. Sometimes they change so as to adapt to the new times and current regulations or to be able to get ahead of the trends before the competitors. Sometimes changes just happen, because companies are made up of people with both common and individual interests, with decisions that no one else but them can control.

As we have already taken a step by ourselves when we decided to start doing something different with our lives and became part of a team, sometimes we have to take another step forward, but together. Here is where we can face changes within the same team or need to re-learn something we thought we had had more than clear.

OneLife is a company that has grown exponentially over a very short period of time. It’s an astonishing and a very rare thing, which we can be proud of. But that growth also inevitably leads to change. We will continue to grow, and our teams will continue to change. Products will change, new ones will appear, and those will be company decisions that we can celebrate. Partners, colleagues and great leaders will come or emerge from those who are now discovering their talents. Others will decide to try new opportunities in other companies and with other products. And that will be everybody’s personal decision, which we cannot and shouldn’t control.

Among all the possible changes, the latter may result the most striking and present some challenges when it comes to readjusting and adapting to change. But it’s not a problem, it doesn’t raise a wall or create a limitation. It’s still a change and just a series of challenges to overcome. And all the challenges will become barely significant once all together, we decide to keep looking towards the future, our goals and our dreams.

Changes force us to take decisions, but it’s better to do it with love than with fear. Changes take us out of our comfort zone and make it necessary for us to move forward and evolve. And everything good in life has always been well away from our comfort zone.

“Ease your fears with gratitude, so wealth will appear.”

One of the bases of success, something that we all learn in this industry when we begin our personal development, is being thankful for what we have and what we have achieved. It’s realizing the great progress made, recognizing that we are capable of much more and moving towards the next objectives.

Therefore, it’s the moment to face the fact that the changes we experience come as a result of all the way travelled, great teams put together, all the education received and distributed, all the lives changed, all the advances of the company and the great innovations of the recent months. And there is a lot to come. Actually, we are very close to one of our greatest goals in all this project: our cryptocurrency going public, which will happen in the first quarter of 2018.

We have a lot of work to do, and this is the time to take a deep breath, smile because of everything we have achieved, stay strong and united more than ever and keep on moving with this wonderful project and this wonderful job.

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