Building and selling houses with OneCoins.

Not long ago, we found out about collaboration between OneCoin and Leader Construct S.A., a construction firm from the Democratic Republic of Congo, in an interesting project: to build...

Not long ago, we found out about collaboration between OneCoin and Leader Construct S.A., a construction firm from the Democratic Republic of Congo, in an interesting project: to build and buy houses using OneCoins.

The newspaper “Les Dépêches de Brazzaville” dedicated a full page to Joël Buleli, the co-founder of the construction firm, with an interview where he talked about his projects, including the one he will develop together with OneCoin. Hereunder, we publish some of that interview. Read below.

And if you want to see the original and complete article, find it at the following link: selecting page 12.

Why did you chose this branch of industry for JJFQ Habitat?

JB: Ensuring investment security increases investment. The real estate sector is a very safe sector which also allows to contribute to the renovation of an economy. Real estate in Congo is one of the challenges of tomorrow, especially if we take into account the problem of future overpopulation. By 2050, forecasts indicate that in more than 100 African cities, the population will grow to over one million people. We will try to respond to this strong demand in the sector, and we will do it in an innovative and intelligent way so as to be able to offer high quality products and services at affordable prices. That is why I started this project so as to be able to respond to this demand. And apart from the desire to guarantee security and to provide access to real estate investment in Congo, JJFQ Habitat is striving to contribute to the economic development of the country, positioning itself as a motor of growth. That is why we have gathered the necessary means to respond to the needs of the diaspora, allowing them to control their construction sites and real property in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But we are not going to stop here. This innovation is accompanied by another global pioneering measure that allows, beyond the classical payment scheme, to make part of the payments of real estate by means of the currency OneCoin through a commercial platform.

Why have you chosen this currency, «OneCoin»? What are its advantages?

JB: The company that supports the cryptocurrency “OneCoin”, with an international network of several million users, is still in the process of growth and is already taking the first steps towards its introduction into the world exchange. According to my forecasts, within a very short time, OneCoin will be used as a means of payment or investment in the real estate sector of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It would undoubtedly be another way to attract investment in Congo. I have contacted Mr Vincent Callebaut and his team, a currency specialist in Belgium, and it was him who recommended using OneCoin to find possible solutions for the development and integration of this currency so as to face the economic challenges in Africa. I was surprised to learn about the undeniable advantages that the merger between cryptocurrency and real estate sector could provide. The objective is to allow the holders of this cryptocurrency to use it when buying and selling ordinary products making payments partly in OneCoin and partly in the currency of the country. It will also allow to introduce a new exchange system, similar to a traditional banking system, but without its disadvantages. At present, all the holders of the currency are subject to a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) procedure, which guarantees an additional level of security and verification of transactions, since, among other things, this certifies the identity of the payers and the recipients in each transfer and controls all known problems in relation to money laundering or the financing of terrorism… And that is what makes OneCoin different from other international cryptomonedas. We have designed the integration of this cryptocurrency in the process of exchange and purchase of goods and services, which, on a continental scale, constitutes global innovation. That will allow to buy and sell all or part of the products of current consumption using classic currency and / or cryptocurrency and to enjoy all the advantages of exchange that would offer a classic banking system, but without its inconveniences.

How big is your company today?

JB: Between ABP, JJFQ and Leader Construct, the whole of the direct or indirect employees represents a hundred people. Direct fixed asset amount to $ 450,000 and, if all partners are included in this evaluation, we reach a total of $ 1 million.

What are the main problems you face in your field of activity?

JB: In the first place, we experience a shortage of skilled labor. That is one of the reasons why we invest part of our assets in training programs, both with theoretical courses and in collaboration with the INBTP. Then we complete this education with paid practices which allow young people to acquire practical knowledge and applied qualification. Another problem is that the diaspora, from abroad, has to be aware of its relevant role as an “engine” of the country’s growth. To achieve this, we have the ambition to create a real estate market that combines profitability and investment security, which in turn will allow us to begin to respond to the housing problem likely to take force in the coming decades. And finally, the integration of OneCoin into the real estate sector will create constructive and evolutionary dynamics, whose result in the future will be the promotion of the local economy, foreign investment and the improvement of the living standards of habitants.

What are your short, medium and long term projects?

JB: In the coming years, I want to be able to allow each inhabitant to dispose, whether rented or owned, of his own place. Currently we already manage to control our construction costs, which allows us to offer “turnkey” houses starting at 380 $ / m2, instead of the approximately 500 $ / m2 currently demanded by the market. And we think that proposing the mixed payment with $ / OneCoins will allow additional savings, which will still lower the proposed cost.

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