Meet Pierre Arens, the new CEO of OneCoin!

While today, last events of this global convention of the OneLife and Onecoin community are still held, it’s time to begin to get used to some of the new...

While today, last events of this global convention of the OneLife and Onecoin community are still held, it’s time to begin to get used to some of the new information we have received this weekend.

We have learned about some plans of both companies for the next months and next year, which remain in line with the goals so far, but giving important and far going steps. The plans that we will comment another time, because now the bomb news is as follows: One Coin has a new CEO.

His name is Pierre Arens and he is an expert in Banking, Corporate Finance and Payment Services.

Many of us have been caught by surprise with this revelation, but it’s a surprise followed by joy, since we know that he is a real expert in several areas of finance, which makes him a fantastic acquisition for the ONE family.

Mr. Arens graduated from the “Universidad del Sagrado Corazón”, Connecticut, in finance, as well as from the Sorbonne, Paris. And his CV includes experience working at several banking institutions of European prestige.

For twelve years, he worked at the Belgian-French financial institution Dexia, as a director of sales and marketing, where he designed investment and savings products. One of his most outstanding achievements in that company was the launch of the first banking website in Belgium. He also managed the Dexia headquarters in Germany.

Mr. Arens later joined Banque Invik, where he was a Managing Director. At Banque Invik, he developed a private banking system, prepaid and high-class credit cards, corporate and financial services.

He then worked at ING Luxembourg as a Head of corporate finance origination. And he held several positions with various responsibilities at the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, from 2014 until very recently. Until this very year, when he became the CEO of OneCoin.

As you see, the development and growth of the cryptocurrency and its financial services are in very expert hands. So welcome, Pierre! We look forward to hearing about your personal vision and strategies for the company.

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