Network Marketing and fun at work.

If you don’t like what you do, things don’t go well. But even if you like it, you also risk losing the joy when stress moments arise. Any networker...

If you don’t like what you do, things don’t go well. But even if you like it, you also risk losing the joy when stress moments arise. Any networker will tell you that, among other things, you do this job because you love it. And it’s true: Network Marketing is much more than a job, it’s a lifestyle that gives you flexibility in timetables, social relations and can improve your quality of life.

But it’s also true that they may forget to mention that not every day is the same, and you don’t love your job in the same way. Especially when you only begin working in this industry, and there is some psychological pressure to progress. And if you are dedicated to Network Marketing, the pressure can also be financial, of course: a month without income puts you in a difficult situation.

And even when you have successfully overcome that barrier and are doing well, you are falling apart when you spend most of your time focusing on the amount you earn and the ones you don’t, and the time you spend making new contacts without actually selling anything or getting any new members for your organization.

But that stress, that focus on the numbers… is what will prevent you from having results or attracting anyone. That feeling of urgency, of need, of desperation… doesn’t exactly give the most attractive impression when it comes to promoting your business.


Yes. On the one hand, I tell you to make an effort every day, and on the other, to relax. You don’t understand, it’s alright. By relaxation I mean that you need to stretch the shoulders, to think about other goals beyond the numerical results and to try to enjoy the whole journey. Find the things you like about Network Marketing, things that make you happier. Enjoy making contacts, communicate, chat, have fun at events.

Dedicate more time to your own personal growth, which will provide you with security, self-esteem and many good tools when dealing with other people. Spend more time on interested candidates, inform them, and train them, rather than look for new ones. I don’t mean you need to stop seeking, only that you don’t have to dedicate to it all your time. And spending more time talking to people who are really interested is not only good at the business level, but is also really pleasant, it’s the part that we like the most.

We have fun when we deal with people who really want to be part of our team, and when we spend time with other team mates. When we know how to manage our time so as not to get stressed. When we stop pursuing people and suffering from anxiety because we don’t achieve the numbers.

And then, when you notice that you are enjoying your work, it is when the numbers go up.


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