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Here below, we post the message from OneCoin CEO, Pierre Arens, which you can also see here. At our recent event in Macau (China) I talked about the White...

Here below, we post the message from OneCoin CEO, Pierre Arens, which you can also see here.

At our recent event in Macau (China) I talked about the White Paper we commissioned relating to our OneCoin blockchain technology. But since that event there has been a spate of hostile speculation and misinformation on the Internet, which needs to be countered and corrected.
For the record, I am wholly satisfied with our present technology and its ability to serve the needs of the OneCoin cryptocurrency. But in our fast-moving digital environment, you must look constantly to the future. We therefore decided to prepare for that future with the introduction of a next-generation blockchain capability that will support our growth and diversification well into the future. To do this, we engaged the services of a highly qualified specialist consultancy, who were asked to review our current needs and put in place a detailed plan for the introduction
of this enhanced technology. As part of this work, they prepared a White Paper summarising their findings and recommendations. I referred to this White Paper in the course of my presentation in Macau.

For further clarification, I quote from the White Paper itself:
“The OneCoin private blockchain system (OneCoin Blockchain from now on) is fully owned by OneCoin Limited and has been designed to satisfy the company’s requirements.”

And also:
“OneCoin Limited has commissioned this paper and the design of a next generation bespoke private blockchain software solution suitable to operate the OneCoin digital currency from a reputable fintech company who have been tasked to deliver a state-of-the-art version of this solution. This software solution is licenced exclusively to OneCoin Limited, who are responsible for its implementation and operation. The system itself is capable to fully run on OneCoin Limited’s privately managed IT infrastructure”.

Our decision to commission this work reflects our commitment to providing the finest possible technological support to underpin the future growth of OneCoin as a crypto currency, and to provide the security and support that all our colleagues and partners have the right to expect. Sadly, it is an unpleasant reality of our marketplace that vested hostile interests of which we are aware have been mounting a massive campaign of false, black propaganda against our businesses, and they have used the introduction of our enhanced blockchain technology as an opportunity to spread further misinformation about us. In the same way, in the days before the Macau event, the Internet was filled with false stories claiming that our event had been cancelled. Of course, these were lies. Macau went ahead, and was a great success. I think people are now learning to recognise the fake news directed against us as just that – fake news. But this won’t stop One Coin and One Life moving strongly forward, building success upon success.

And this is the message of Marcelo García Casil, the CEO of DXMarkets. You can also read the original here.

In recent days there has been publicity on the Internet suggesting that I have questioned the existing technological capabilities supporting the OneCoin cryptocurrency. Any such suggestion is false and misrepresents my position.

The work my company was commissioned to undertake was designed to provide the company with an analysis and a proposal aiming towards a next generation solution and enhancement for the technology currently underpinning OneCoin’s operations. I refute any allegations that I had not seen the existing system, nor have I questioned the competence of OneCoin’s present arrangements to satisfy the current needs of the cryptocurrency.

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