Featured leader: Iulian Cimbala.

Iulian Cimbala stands out for two main feats. One is to be one of the networkers with greater income being less than 30 years old. The other is the...

Iulian Cimbala stands out for two main feats. One is to be one of the networkers with greater income being less than 30 years old. The other is the fact that he leads several of our teams in Europe, in several countries where they speak very different languages, and where Iulian knows how to make himself understood perfectly.

Both things reveal such important features as adaptability and fierce determination.

Iulian Cimbala is also one of those people who spread enthusiasm and energy and let you know straight away, simply by the way he talks about what he does, that he deeply loves his job.

And, despite having risen so young on the ladder of success, it hasn’t been overnight and without going through some important challenges. Iulian’s story is not just a success story, but a necessary journey you must take to become a true leader.

“I was rejected hundreds of times by a lot of people, strangers, but also a lot of close people. Then I looked at myself and understood that I would never follow a person like me.

So, I started to work on myself. It wasn’t easy, because I had a big ego, and realizing that I needed to change wasn’t something that made me feel comfortable. It was very hard to accept the criticism of my uplines, especially if it was about something that I thought I was doing amazingly well. But step by step my ego went down.”

Iulian learned to listen, to accept criticism and to be more humble, and that was the key to see how his career was changing. However, the next obstacle to overcome was that of prejudice. He often found that his young age made people not take him seriously. Neither his own mother seemed to understand what the fate of Iulian was to be.

“My mother and my older sister were laughing at me and advising me to give up that nonsense, because I would never succeed in something like that, so better to have the security of a normal job.”

But his little sister, Andreea, believed in his idea and joined his team. She is now also a successful networker, in fact, the most successful woman in the industry right now. So, today many of those who didn’t take Iulian seriously about 5 years ago should be thinking about the moment they made that decision.

But Iulian doesn’t look into the past too much. As a good leader, he talks about the important things of today and the vision of tomorrow. And, above all, about his team, whom he considers a great family he is really proud of.

“When new people start the business, they are like babies: they don’t know what to do, how to do it… so they need to be taught and step by step they will start growing. Like in the normal life, the most beautiful part of having a family is seeing the babies growing and becoming adults, seeing people from nowhere, rejected by the society, becoming leaders, becoming the best version of themselves, shining stars in the sky.”

And speaking of tomorrow’s vision, that of Iulian is particularly ambitious. Not only does he want to see his team growing bigger, but he imagines a near future where network marketing is a more respected profession and the industry where more and more people want to work in. And for that, he plans to work hard on himself as a leader and on improving the industry from the inside.

“I will make this industry better than it is now. I will start by making the people better. I want to create a revolution within the network marketing industry based on professionalism, inspiration and faith, and educate people to see the industry differently without underestimating it.”

Beyond his recent ranking as a Blue Diamond, it is his philosophy, his capacity to grow and to adapt what makes Iulian Cimbala a leader to celebrate and get inspired by. As well as his personal ambition not to reach a specific level or income, but simply to move forward, continue to improve as a professional and drive the entire industry with his determined pace.

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