The road to success.

On your way to success, you experience many changes, in your personality, even in the mood, because this path is not flat and easy, it’s actually a climb up...

On your way to success, you experience many changes, in your personality, even in the mood, because this path is not flat and easy, it’s actually a climb up the rocky and difficult side of the mountain. But it’s a climb that you do because you know it’s worth it, because up there you will find much more than a top from which to see the rest of the landscape. Up there, there is a very rare type of freedom, the most valuable of all treasures.

So, that path you take leads you to develop some skills and acquire some habits, because only this way you learn to climb that giant rock.

Success hurts.

It’s not physical pain, you are not literally climbing that mountain with your bare hands, but there is a mental process that you have to go through and you will feel frustration, impatience and the pain of having to try a thousand times before it works out. But it’s okay, because the pain is temporary and when it fades, you will have become stronger.

It makes you misunderstood.

Your friends and family may think you’ve gone crazy. You’re risking your future when you could opt for a “real” job. They may think the idea is good, but it’s not good for you, that it’s punching above your weight. That can happen and it’s another outcrop of the rock that you must overcome, but that can be done without major problem. You need to create a mindset that will overthrow such comments and put a strong determination to prove to everyone that they were wrong. But at the end of the road, you won’t be doing it for them; you are doing it for yourself.

When you are closer to your summit, there is more criticism.

Maybe no longer from your family or your friends, those who have been close to you and are supporting you. But there will always be someone who finds something to criticize in what you are doing, or don’t believe that what you are achieving can be done simply by working hard. Doesn’t matter, keep moving forward.

You don’t think you can go any further.

It’s hard, it’s exhausting. The results take time to become visible, and you think you’re running out of strength. But you look down and… no, the only possible direction now is up. On your way in network marketing is that real, because in reality you are closer to the goal than the starting point. If you turn around, you will have lost everything achieved, and probably you were very close to the top.

You have become another person.

Those who know you will tell you so. Some say it for good and some for bad, not because your change has been bad (it’s not) but because they don’t understand how you did it or why. You talk about things they don’t understand, you have weird habits and you no longer have fun with the same things as before. But that change has brought you more energy, the hours of your day make more headway. All this helped you to see the world from a different point of view.

And it’s all worth it.

Because in the end, you have improved several aspects of your life. Those who didn’t believe in you end up seeing it with their own eyes, and if they still don’t believe you, you don’t care. You have made the way for yourself and your family. You have changed, you have risked, you have lost and you have learned, and in the end, you have won.

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