When you feel lonely with your decision.

“You’re crazy!”, that’s what you hear the people around you say. “You’ve been brainwashed, they’ll just keep your money.” Or even the most dispiriting of all: “You’re not good...

“You’re crazy!”, that’s what you hear the people around you say. “You’ve been brainwashed, they’ll just keep your money.” Or even the most dispiriting of all: “You’re not good for it, you’re going to fail.”

If you have already taken your first steps in the world of network marketing, I bet you have heard this.

But do you know who else has had it?

Everyone else. All networkers, every leader you’re going to meet in this industry.

And one of the most powerful proofs of this phenomenon being usual, global and yet not insurmountable, is each and every one of the personal success stories that were shared last weekend in Panama.

On Saturday, which was dedicated exclusively to trainings, almost all the leaders who took part in them talked about how they started in this industry at some point in their presentations. The number of negative answers and situations each of them had to face was overwhelming, and surprising as well, if we take into consideration how their careers actually went.

On Sunday, we also witnessed a striking success story: the Crown Diamond Simon Le, who had never worked in network marketing before OneLife, found himself making a bold decision surrounded by a family that didn’t support it. They even organized a family “intervention” to convince him to give it up!

So, this is something you will get, and it is normal.

Sooner or later, if you remain faithful to your plan and stay true to the reasons that made you take that decision, if you keep looking at those who have already got where they wanted and where you would like to be and learn from them… those people who now tell you that you are crazy will want to join that wonderful madness. You just have to keep looking forward.

Practice, learn, take note of people who have already achieved success, remember your goals… and if you feel lonely with your decision right now, remember that you are not really such: all the people on your team, from your mentor to those you will meet from now on, they are all with you and have gone or will go through a similar situation.

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