Juan Sánchez

  • Cali, Mayo 2017

  • Growing like giants.

    Our team is full of talented leaders, both in the highest ranks and in those who have recently reached their first ranks. There is a huge amount of effort, willingness to learn, to grow personally, to connect with others and to understand the needs of people. There is a...
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  • Diamantes

  • Business For Home: “OneCoin Appoints Corporate Banker Pierre Arens As CEO”

    Below you can find the Business For Home article about the new CEO of OneCoin, Pierre Arens, translated for a more comfortable reading. And you can find the original at this link. OneCoin announced today that Pierre Arens has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer, effective March the 15th,...
  • New Official Statements from OneCoin

    Here below, we post the message from OneCoin CEO, Pierre Arens, which you can also see here. At our recent event in Macau (China) I talked about the White Paper we commissioned relating to our OneCoin blockchain technology. But since that event there has been a spate of hostile speculation and...
  • Network Marketing and fun at work.

    If you don’t like what you do, things don’t go well. But even if you like it, you also risk losing the joy when stress moments arise. Any networker will tell you that, among other things, you do this job because you love it. And it’s true: Network Marketing...